Utility bike reservation deposit


For utility bikes only (not basic bikes!), we require a reservation deposit of $50/bike to be paid at least one week in advance. This deposit covers the extra work to adjust and equip these bikes and is deducted from the rental fee.

Utility bikes rental fees are:

  • $200/week
  • $300/month

To rent a utility bike, you must contact us at [email protected] with at least one week notice and provide a reservation deposit, and your desired cockpit dimensions so we have time to set the bike up to your specifications. If you need help to determine your bike fit, please ask! We can do this remotely or in person.

When you arrive to pick up your bike, you’ll complete a rental agreement and pay a security deposit that covers the ($500-$2000) replacement value of the bike. We’ll take the time with you to be sure the bike fits well.

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